Basic Maintenance

Over time computers can suffer from poor performance. Cluttered hard drives, registries keeping track of useless program remnants. Dust, dirt and age can lead to sub-optimal performance and system crashes. Zero Kaos will clean and restore your home or office PC to its optimum running condition.


Internet access allows us to view the world like never before. Unfortunately this also can allow the world to view us, in unexpected ways. Undesirables, against our will, can view our personal and professional information. Zero Kaos will update your security measures to provide the best protection available for your needs.


Whether you are using one machine or many, in one office or more, a solid network is a must. From simple proxy, to hardware-based servers, Zero Kaos can build and support your LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), or VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Software Support and Upgrades

Most software is sold with known ‘bugs’ and/or conflicts. When adding or removing software, sometimes the unexpected can occur. Frequent backups and knowledgeable personnel are mandatory. Zero Kaos are the de-bugging specialists, and can provide, install, support, and maintain the most popular programs from Office to Accounting or Databases and Specialty applications.

Hardware Sales and Service

Sometimes a bad cable or a tired modem can bring your system to an abrupt halt. Zero Kaos can diagnose and repair the smallest to the largest hardware concerns with the utmost of speed and efficiency. From a minor part to a complete new system, we can do it all. Service is the cornerstone of our business.

Web Design and Maintenance

In the digital age web presence is becoming increasingly more important. Be it a straight shooting HTML-only site or a fully animated, media rich, Flash based experience, Zero Kaos can fill the bill. After, your site is online Zero Kaos will ensure that it grows as you and your business do.